Group project

Let’s do a project together.

Last night I read that you don’t get exhausted doing what you love. It got me thinking. I never got exhausted when working at KNOM Radio providing information to the region, and I have never worked longer hours. I loved it. With everything going on (how we natives say COVID-19 šŸ˜Š) I think it would be so encouraging to hear from all of you what you’re doing to stay healthy and sane during this time. Because, let’s be honest, some moments and days can be really difficult. It would also be helpful and uplifting to hear Inupiaq/Yupik/Siberian Yupik/Indigenous values to remember and practice to keep our communities healthy. Simple things.

This project is simple. Most people have a smart phone or know someone who does. On iPhones there is a “Voice Memo” app and on Samsung phones there’s a Voice Recorder app. Using the recording app all you’d need to do is record your name, where you’re from and either:

  1. One way you’re staying physically, mentally or spiritually healthy during this time.
  2. An Indigenous value (or human value, if you’re not indigenous) we should all remember during this time of uncertainty.
  3. One thing you absolutely love doing that brightens your day, or another’s day, and why you love it.

Email the recording to If you can (but it isn’t at all necessary), also send a photo of yourself or something correlating to your message. From there I’ll produce a spot that I’ll share on this site and Facebook (and maybe Instagram, if I can figure that out).

I think we’re all really missing one another. This is just one simple way we can hear one another’s voices, be encouraged, and connect while practicing necessary social distancing. Love and miss you all.


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