Sing the songs

I’m so excited to share Our Group Project’s first submission. Kira Neta Eckenweiler is someone I look up to and admire greatly. She is genuine, hilarious and so many other good things. Take a listen:

If you’d like to just hear Kira’s beautiful rendition of Iri(n with a tail)a, here you go. (Arrangement by Thomas Simonsson and accompaniment by Gina Fiore.)

Our Group Project is a simple way we can connect with one another during this time of isolation. We’ll share ways we are staying physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, an indigenous or human value we should carry, or you can share something that brings joy to your day. All you need to do is share your ideas, songs, poems, stories, conversations or comedy using the voice recording app on your smart phone and email the audio file to

We can all use uplifting. Some encouragement. Some connection. And ideas on keeping our spirits lifted. Thank you, Kira, for sharing beauty with us.



3 responses to “Sing the songs”

  1. Frances Clark (Angayuk) Avatar
    Frances Clark (Angayuk)

    Taikuulapiaq! Aarigaa!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Isabelle Millett Avatar
    Isabelle Millett

    Good job girls. We want more.


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