Pistol carrying auntie

Our Group Project is all about connecting. Sharing stories, songs, conversations…anything, really, that uplifts our spirits during this time.

Episode 2 is with one of my favorite storytellers, Tweety Ivanoff. Take a listen:

If you’d like to just hear Tweety’s story, listen here:

Our Group Project is a way for us to stay connected through stories, songs, stand up comedy, conversations…anything that uplifts our spirits while remaining at home. We want to hear from everyone. And anyone. All you need to do to share is make a recording on the voice recording app on your smartphone and email the file to laureliivanoff@gmail.com. Our Group Project: Where we gather together while remaining at home.


One response to “Pistol carrying auntie”

  1. Love this story of Aunty Eva and Aunty Myrtle (my namesake) .. Papa Ralph will tease me every summer when I go berry picking to make sure I have shells in my pistol 😊


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