Sacred and significant

Our Group Project features a deep thinker. Someone who loves to make other people laugh. “I’m staying healthy by taking part in what I can,” he said. “I spent a lot of my adolescent life neglecting the different parts of village life and hoping for something “greater.” Simply seeing friends can be enough to help me but I’ve been soaring on the wind since hitting the ocean and taking care of my 2nd and 3rd seals. Taking part in hunting has severed a part of my colonial spirit and strengthened my integrity in my village-ness.”

Kadyn Erickson from Unalakleet shares the importance of music.

Thanks for tuning in to Our Group Project. This project can’t happen without your stories, songs, words and ways of staying healthy. Consider sending an audio file recorded on your smart phone to

Our Group Project: Where we gather together while remaining at home.


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