Gram, Beach Greens, Fermenting & Home

Our busy harvesting season begins with our ugruk hunts in May. After ugruk we have the oil to store greens and roots like tukaiyuk, masru and sura. (I actually don’t pick sura because I don’t have the patience to pick and clean the tiny greens, LOL.)

In June we pick beach greens to ferment. To make achaaqhluk, my favorite dessert on this planet, I purchased a David Kaufmann fermenting crock. He’s a potter in Homer. His design includes U-shaped well around the circumference of the crock for water that creates an airlock with the lid.

“I can’t grow mold on my Kraut,” his wife and spoon maker Willow said in an Instagram DM after my purchase. Exactly what I wanted to hear. I have sensitivities to mold and had difficulty keeping mold out of my fermented greens.

You can read about my relationship with this little succulent, my Gram and home in my latest column for High Country News.

2 responses to “Gram, Beach Greens, Fermenting & Home”

  1. Love this Laur! I can hear the chopping! Picturing Grams fridge/freezer, seeing those ziplocs of “knockout”, her table, her ulus, perfection!


    1. Thanks, Myrt!
      Sitting on a five-gallon bucket. 😊♥️


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